Earl Powell

 GrammyBillboard, & RIAA recognized 

Master Songwriter, Producer & Mentor


Helping You Find Your Musical Identity!



Songwriting & Production

Grammy, Billboard & RIAA recognition for songwriting & production with music legends and artists . It's at the core of what we do! We connect with clients on a level that makes them pour it all into the music!

Consulting & Mentorship

Consulting includes...

  • Project Oversight
  • Private Lessons
  • Song Critiquing 
  • Career Advising
  • Contract Review*
  • Referrals*




 Guest Speaking

Music kept him off the streets and gave him purpose as a child, and so he has great passion for keeping music in schools and available to those who want to learn.  Writing & production tips, as well as stories & wisdom from working with legends & pros through the years are all shared. 


New Music!!! 

                 "I Want Your Love (ft. Kofi Black)" by Wes Mason                            Thanks for liking, streaming, downloading and sharing.              Produced by Earl Powell & Ben Pelchat

ur solid experience in the field and the long list of previous projects run, recommend us as a reliable business partner. By choosing our team, you will benefit from our expertise, dedication and high availability throughout your projects. Feel confident that together we will accelerate your business development towards the right direction.

New Music!!! 

                           "Can't Let You Go" by Raff Pylon                                                   Click the image to check out the video!!!                                       Thanks for streaming, downloading and sharing.                Produced by Earl Powell of Eptone Music & Ben Pelchat

"On The Wings" 

Please stream, download and share this labor of love, the theme song for non profit organization Moonlight Air by yours truly featuring Mike Jackson. 

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